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Top 10 Mind-blowing Hacking Techniques 2022

Hacking is one of the most highly growing fields in the world of IT. Today, we bring you the top 10 clever approach hacking techniques and practices you can use to penetrate any database, website, or social account.

Thousands of websites get hacked daily because of their lesser focus on their cyber security. All it takes is for one of your employees to click on a seemingly harmless link in an email to download a malicious application that could harm your company.

Top 10 Most common mind-blowing hacking techniques:


Bait and Attack

Key Logger

Cookie Theft

Viruses and Trojans

ClickJacking Attacks

Malware Injecting Devices

SQL Injection

Broken Access Control

File Upload Vulnerabilities

Following is a list of hacking techniques that you and your staff should be aware of and avoid at all costs.


Of course, you wouldn’t just open a random attachment or click on a link in any email you receive—there needs to be a compelling reason for you to do so. Attackers are well aware of this. When an attacker wants you to install malware or reveal sensitive information, they frequently use phishing methods or impersonate someone or something else to persuade you to do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Phishing attacks can be difficult to detect since they rely on human curiosity and instincts.

  • Most of the phishing attacks look like this:
  • Notify you that someone has attempted to log into your website and that you should update your password.
    Make a claim about an issue with your account or payment details (see Amazon example below)
    You will be asked to confirm some personal information.
  • Include a fictitious invoice.
  • Notify you that you are eligible for a state or federal tax refund.
  • Provide you with freebies
  • With an unknown link, sent from one of your buddies (see example below)

Tips to avoid phishing attacks:

  • If you aren’t expecting a link in an email or a test, don’t click it.
  • Before you click on a link or download a file, double-check the email’s legitimacy with the sender.
  • Always look at the sender’s email address to see if it’s a phishing email or not. The email address in the Amazon example below is This is not an official email address from
  • is a good place to report phishing emails to the Federal Trade Commission.

How phishing link looks like:

Learn how to recognize and avoid phishing scams by clicking below:

Bait and Attack Hacking Technique:

An attacker can acquire advertising slots on websites using the Bait and Switch hacking technique. If a person clicks on the ad later, he may be routed to a page that is infected with malware. They can then use this method to further infect your computer with malware or adware. The advertisements and download links displayed in this strategy are quite appealing, and consumers are likely to click on them.

The hacker can install a malicious program that the user thinks is legitimate. The hacker gains unprivileged access to your computer after installing the malicious program on your machine in this way.

Learn more about this kind of hacking technique by clicking here.

Key Logger Method of Hacking:

A key logger is a piece of software that, once installed on your computer, records every keystroke you make. Every keystroke on the keyboard, every login, password, and credit card number, for example, will be recorded by the key logger, revealing all of your data and personal information.

Some advanced key loggers can even record your screen while you’re using your computer meanwhile sending the live feed to the hacker.

Learn more about keyloggers by clicking on this link:

Cookie Theft Hacking Strategy:

Cookies on your web browsers (Chrome, Safari, and so on) save personal information like browsing history, usernames, and passwords for the various sites we visit. Hackers can send I.P. (data) packets through your computer if the website you’re visiting lacks an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate.

HTTPS:// websites are secure, but HTTP:// (no ‘S’) websites do not use SSL and are not regarded secure.

Learn all about cookie theft hacking technique:

Viruses and Trojans Hacking Method:

Viruses, often known as Trojan horses, are malicious software programs that infect a victim’s computer and continue to transfer the victim’s data to the hacker. They can also encrypt your files, display fraudulent advertisements, redirect traffic, sniff your data, and spread to all devices on your network.

To learn more, study the comparison and distinction between various malware, worms, trojans, and other threats.

Get insights:

ClickJacking Attacks Hacking technique:

This strategy deceives you into clicking on something other than what you intended to click. The clickjacking element could be a button on a web page that, when clicked, performs a different function, allowing others to take over the machine. It’s possible that the host website is unaware of the clickjacking element.

Get insights:,money%2C%20or%20purchase%20products%20online.

Malware injecting devices:

Hardware can be used by cybercriminals to install malware on your computer. Infected USB sticks, which can offer hackers remote access to your device as soon as they’re plugged into your computer, may be familiar to you.

It only takes one person to give you a malware-infested USB stick, and you’re infected simply by connecting it to your computer. Hackers are now employing cords, such as USB cables and mouse cords, to introduce malware, so it’s critical to think twice before inserting anything into a business laptop or a personal device with access to work-related data.

7 ways malware can get your device:

SQL Injection Hacking Technique:

An injection attack is a sort of SQL injection. Injection attacks occur when an attacker submits maliciously constructed inputs, forcing an application to perform an undesired action. SQL injection is one of the most popular types of internet attacks due to the widespread use of SQL databases.

If you only have time to protect yourself against one vulnerability, you should inspect your codebase for SQL injection flaws!

Read more at:

Broken Access Control Hacking Strategy:

Access control policies that are correctly implemented are critical to keeping your data safe. Almost all applications must safeguard sensitive data and operations, therefore when developing a system, careful consideration of how to restrict access is critical.

Broken access control might have serious consequences depending on the sensitivity of the data your application manages. Data breaches can harm your company’s brand, cost you money, expose your consumers to fraud, and even jeopardize national security (if you work for a government agency).

Read the hacking strategy in detail:

File Upload Vulnerabilities:

An attacker can easily introduce harmful code into your application through file uploads. You must keep uploaded files at arm’s length until they are fully secured, or you risk providing an easy path for your systems to be compromised.

When hacking your site, sophisticated hackers usually use a mix of weaknesses – the first stage in the hacker playbook is uploading malicious code to a server. The next step is to figure out how to run the malicious code.

Even large corporations are vulnerable to this flaw, especially if they have complicated, legacy code bases.

Know more at:,type%2C%20contents%2C%20or%20size.

Some more advanced mind-blowing hacking techniques and methods are following:

  • Mass Assignment
  • ProtoType Pollution
  • Regex Injection
  • Remote code execution
  • Cross-site script inclusion
  • Insecure design
  • Host Header Poisoning
  • Server-side request forgery
  • Buffer Overflows
  • Logging and Monitoring
  • Toxic Dependencies
  • Lax security settings
  • Malvertising
  • Email Spoofing
  • Denial of service attacks
  • XML external entities
  • XML Bombs
  • User Enumeration
  • Unencrypted communication
  • Open redirects
  • DOM-based XSS
  • Reflected XSS

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