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6 Efficiency Proven Courses by LinkedIn to take your AWS Game to next level; 2022

We have gone through the LinkedIn Courses very carefully and compiled a list of 6 premium courses offered by LinkedIn to UpScale or level up your AWS game in 2022

6. AWS: Enterprise Security

Link to the course:

Released Date: 6/25/2020

Course Level: Intermediate

Skills Covered: Cloud Security, Enterprise Network Security, Amazon Web Services AWS, Identity, and Access Management IAM

Course Length: 4h 41m

Creator: Sharif Nijim

LinkedIn Profile:

Course Details:

Understanding—and successfully implementing—security concepts is essential to using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as your enterprise solution. In this course, instructor Sharif Nijim couples pragmatic advice with practical examples that show IT pros how to create a secure infrastructure within AWS. Sharif explores the shared responsibility model of security, which splits duties between your company and AWS, and introduces key Identity and Access Management (IAM) concepts, including users, groups, roles, and policies. Discover how to manage access to Simple Storage Service (S3); implement detective controls within AWS, including how to work with AWS Config and GuardDuty; use protective tools such as AWS Shield, and use AWS Key Management Service (KMS) to manage access keys. Plus, learn how to prepare for the inevitable audit of your AWS account(s).

5. AWS: Storage and Data Management

Link to the course:

Release date: 10/16/2019

Course Level: Intermediate

Skills Covered: Cloud computing, data storage, AWS, Cloud storage

Course Length: 4h 25m

Creator: Brandon Rich

LinkedIn Profile:

Course details:

Amazon Web Services offers solutions that are ideal for managing data on a sliding scale—from small businesses to big data applications. This course teaches system administrators the intermediate-level skills they need to successfully manage data in the cloud with AWS: configuring storage, creating backups, enforcing compliance requirements, and managing the disaster recovery process. The training can also be used as preparation for the Data Management domain within the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator exam.

Join AWS architect Brandon Rich and learn how to configure object storage solutions and lifecycle management in Simple Storage Service (S3), a web service offered by AWS, and migrate, back up, and replicate relational data in RDS. Find out how to leverage flexible network storage with Elastic File System (EFS), and use the new AWS Glue service to move and transform data. Plus, learn how Snowball can help you transfer truckloads of data in and out of the cloud.

4. AWS Administration: Security Fundamentals

Link to the course:

Release Date: 3/9/2020

Course Level: Beginner

Skills Covered: Cloud administration, cloud security, AWS

Course Length: 2h 34m

Creator: Mark Wilkins

LinkedIn Profile:

Course Details:

Proper understanding of security services is crucial for any cloud administrator. In this course, instructor Mark Wilkins lays a solid framework for understanding the fundamentals of security services in an AWS environment. Mark begins with a general overview of AWS accounts and security components, including an overview of the AWS shared responsibility model. Then, he helps you take a deeper dive into the subject of identity security by looking at Identity and Access Management and authentication options. He also explores AWS security services like Cognito, Secrets Manager, and Resource Access Manager, explaining what each service does and how to leverage them in your work. Upon wrapping up this course, you’ll have the knowledge you need to determine whether the AWS platform’s security offerings are right for your organization.

3. AWS Essential Training For Developers

Link to the course:

Release Date: Dec 2019

Course Level: Beginner

Skills Covered: Amazon web services AWS, Cloud development

Course Length: 3h 17m

Creator: Jeremy Villeneuve

LinkedIn Profile:

Course Details:

Modern companies need developers who can accomplish business objectives with Amazon Web Services (AWS) without over-engineering in-house solutions. But with AWS now listing over a hundred different service offerings, getting a holistic sense of the platform can seem daunting. In this course, Jeremy “JV” Villeneuve breaks down key AWS services, giving developers a high-level look at the different ways they can host applications within AWS, as well as how to decide which services will fit their use case. He introduces you to cloud computing by tying the concepts to real-world hardware, such as hard drives and network switches. Get the information you need to match product names to what each service does (as well as to the corresponding architecture icons), so you can explore them further.

2. AWS Essential Training for Architects

Link to the course:

Release Date: Oct 2019

Course level: Intermediate

Skills covered: Cloud management, cloud networking, cloud development, network architecture, Amazon web services AWS

Course Length: 5h 4m

Creator: Jeff Winesett

LinkedIn Profile:

Course Details:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most widely used cloud platforms and the top pick for many organizations looking to scale and reduce costs by adopting a cloud infrastructure strategy. This course explores AWS from the architect’s perspective, focusing on the foundations you need to build scalable and reliable cloud-based application architectures. Instructor Jeff Winesett covers everything from high-level principles and best practices to hands-on implementation, optimization, and security. He takes three different approaches—manual, automated, and serverless—so you can see how AWS fits a variety of workflows and architectures. Each lesson is packed with practical examples, grounding services like Elastic Load Balancing, RDS, DynamoDB, and CloudFront in a real-world context.

1. Build a React Application using AWS Amplify

Link to the course:

Release date: Oct 2020

Course level: Advanced

Skills covered: React.js, Cloud Development, Amazon web services AWS.

Course Length: 1h 42m

Course creator: Brett Maclaughlin

LinkedIn Profile:

Course details:

React is one of the hottest front-end programming languages, and AWS Amplify is one of the easiest ways to get your React application up and running in AWS. Are you ready to level up your development skills and reduce repetitive setup tasks while integrating more deeply with AWS cloud services? In this course, discover how to go from an empty folder to a full React-based application hosted on AWS using AWS Amplify. Learn about setting up and configuring a React app, interacting with a GraphQL API, and simple authentication with Amazon Cognito. Explore how each component in a typical application stack relates to the other components, and how to use AWS managed services to quickly add features that would otherwise require hundreds of lines of code. Plus, discover a number of jumping off points to take your work with React in interesting directions.

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